Cotton. Loose fit. A neutral shade. A bright detail. I’m sold. I complained about my terrifying love for everything resembling a grey sweater before (read about it here), but it seems that I can’t even contain myself when it comes to sweaters tout court. When popping by the Bestseller showroom back in April (where I saw some great things from Selected, Only, Pieces and Vero Moda), I spotted this awesome black sweater. It reminded me of the Béyonce Surfboard merch and these ShopPrivateParty sweaters, and I’m just a sucker for anything as cool and comfy as this item. So after an elaborate love confession from my side, the Bestseller PR peeps let me take it home – yay thanks guys! There was nothing I could do to NOT bring this baby with me on a trip to Paris (élégant is French for… uhh… you know), so voilà, here’s me pondering over my own thoughts whilst overlooking La Seine.
This is my go-to outfit for citytripping in-between seasons: comfy sweat, stretchy jeans and Converses. I threw on my leather jacket and toted around mister Balenciaga to add some je ne sais quois (and also because I suck at packing and those were the only things I brought with me).
Black sweater | Selected Femme
7 for All Mankind | the skinny
Black converses
H&m | sunnies
Pics by Polienne

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