Fructis MoveYourHair Launch!

dogsanddresses_fructis_moveyourhair_campaign_2_zps0cdace33You know how a while ago I did this video shoot for L’Oréal? Well, the big reveal is finally here! Wunderkind Bob Jeusette directed the whole thing and a team of awesome hair and make-up people made me feel as pretty as a princess. You’ve already seen how I experienced everything behind the scenes, but today it’s time to show you what we’ve been working on. The end result is a bright and bubbly clip revolving around four awesome Fructis hair care products. The video is part of the MoveYourHair campaign, aiming to inspire and be inspired. Together with fellow bloggers Axelle, Marie and Stamatia, I’ll be a MoveYourHair judge, activating you to pamper those locks and enter the awesome comp.

Your hair deserves the best

Whether you’re blessed with a curly head of hair, are the proud owner of a pixy cut or have saved for your luscious long locks since the age of eight, your hair is amazing, and so is Fructis. MoveYourHair is all about showing off your coiffure: what does MoveYourHair mean to you? Capture it and share!

In it to win it!

Snap a photo of your locks, upload it onto Instagram using the hashtag #moveyourhair, and the four MoveYourHair video bloggers will pick out their favourite pics. A blogger liked your picture ? You won the Fructis range of product she represents! Each day the 4 bloggers will like 1 picture, from the 21st of July to the 20th of August – Winners will win awesome care packages for your hair, containing the newest products of the Fructis range. I am head over heels in love with the NutriRepair range and especially the Miracle Oil you see me professionally modelling in the video – an awesome multi-use oil that gives shine, softness and treats dry and brittle hair.

At the end of August, me and my fellow bloggers will decide who wins the grand prize: A Vespa! Perfect to cruise around on in Summer and letting your hair blow behind you in the wind… So get snappin’, get posting en be creative!

Let’s #MoveYourHair

I suggest you check the MoveYourHair website, follow the MoveYourHair account on Instagram and start posting your happy hair pics onto your social media using the hashtag #MoveYourHair. Can’t wait to see them! And who knows, maybe you’ll be the one riding off into the sunset this summer.