World Cup Coping: Football Fashion

The World Cup has slowly taken over my boyfriend’s world – and thus mine as well. For the past few weeks it’s been all about penalties, offsides, extra time and Lionel Messi. Oh well actually, it has always been about Messi – bf is a big admirer of the Argentinian 5’7 soccer player. Which brings us to the first problem of tonight. Seeing as how Belgium is playing against Argentina, our living room will be divided into two camps: the patriots (helloooo!) and the Messi-men. Or man. Anyways, only option I see is go watch the game in a really big crowd. But then the next problem arises: what to wear to such an event? Red ranks high in the colours-I-rather-not-put-on-me list, so going for an all-red outfit is probably not the best idea. To keep my mental stability in check, you won’t see me strutting around in a black/yellow/red outfit either; just not my thing. So for the past games, I decided a subtle shout-out to my country would be my thing: bright red lipstick. Granted, it wasn’t a pretty sight after chugging four beers and with no compact mirror around, but I meant well.

If you’re watching the game tonight, here are a few pointers on how you do it in style:

– don’t see this event as an opportunity to dress up in your skimpiest of tops and shortest of jersey shorts. Oh and in any case, don’t wear kneesocks with that outfit. People are supposed to be watching the game, not your halfnaked body (there’s also a likely chance it’s going to rain and you don’t want to catch a cold at the beginning of your summer holiday).

– learn from my mistakes and don’t just put on any ol’ red lipstick – you’ll be drinking or getting a free beer shower when Belgium wins, so a longlasting formula is the way to go.

– don’t put too much thought into it all – after all, the world cup is all about having a good time with friends – and a whole bunch of strangers if you’re watching in the city.

– if you’re not all that into football, you can always turn on that computer and click home some soccer sale bargains like the items below!


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featured image by Ricardo Mondragon