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  • Barcelona: eat, sleep, swim & see

    Finally gotten around to uploading a bunch of our Barcelona pics. I got so many great tips on where to eat, sleep, chill and tan, and we discovered some pretty great places ourselves that I want to share as well. Scroll down for an overload of personal pictures from our lovely week-long stay in our […]

  • Come Celebrate with Dogs and Dresses and WE Fashion

    Party time! WE is festively launching their new denim range “Blue Ridge” by throwing a Blue Party at their flagship store on the Meir in Antwerp – oh, and you are invited! It just so happens that the festivities will take place next Thursday, the 4th of September, which is also the eve of my birthday. […]

  • Finally wore that Rihanna dress

    The last page from the Barcelona lookbook: a dinner date dressed in black. It took some time, but I finally wore thàt little black dress Rihanna designed for her first ever River Island collection. A cosy dinner at a delicious tapas restaurant was just the right place to wear this to. Since it was still hothothot […]

  • Twenty-five: 10 things on my wishlist

    September is almost around the corner, and with it the annual celebration of my existence. hooray! i’ll be blowing out candles in exactly one week. i never really know what to answer when asked the question “what would you like for your birthday?”. but since i’m turning 25 – which automatically makes me old and […]

  • Meet The Sexiest Heels In My Closet

    Meet the hottest pair of heels currently on rotation at Dogs and Dresses. I snagged these up in the sales – confession: they are just one of the pairs that ended up in my Zara shopping basket. They are a tad bit sexier than the sneaks I don on a daily basis, but I already […]

  • Biking through Sunflower Fields

    Sunny Sunday! A few quick shots from last weekend. Sundays are all about comfortable dressing, lounging around the house and enjoying as much sunny quality time as possible. By biking through a field of sunflowers and wearing my comfiest of knits par example. This outfit was actually inspired by the sweater Leo wears in The Great Gatsby. […]

  • Only & Sons ft. Cédric: look three

    The final look of Cédric in head-to-toe Only & Sons is one meant for sunnier days. We’re talking shorts, striped tee and a hat. Here’s what Cédric has to say about his look: “I like my clothes simple and casual, but with a twist in fabric, details, that kind of stuff. I mostly go for […]

  • Going Gaudi in Park Guëll

    The Barcelona Lookbook: how matching your outfit to the works of Antoni Gaudi is totally okay when you’re in Spain. Day three of our Spanish expedition was all about Gaudi. The gameplan was to visit Park Guëll and casually blend in with the background. Because I’m always prepared, I packed my Gaudi-inspired maxi dress – […]

  • Only & Sons ft. Cédric: look two

    Tonight is the official launch of Only & Sons in Belgium and we’re both exciting to attend. It’ll be an evening in true Only & Sons nature, with a runway show, live music, familiar faces… oh and a few drinks – but only for one of us. Cédric is having surgery on his knee ligaments tomorrow morning, […]

  • Why Your Favourite Blogger on Instagram is a Fraud

    How well-known bloggers are manipulating their images in Photoshop, making themselves appear much smaller – and we keep liking it. It’s a well-known fact that mainstream A-list fashion blogs have gone from “exciting peek into a fashionable and real life”  to a highly curated, stylized and manipulated depiction of a parallel universe in which everything is bright, bubbly and perfect. […]

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