Only & Sons ft. Cédric: look three

The final look of Cédric in head-to-toe Only & Sons is one meant for sunnier days. We’re talking shorts, striped tee and a hat.

Here’s what Cédric has to say about his look:
“I like my clothes simple and casual, but with a twist in fabric, details, that kind of stuff. I mostly go for neutral coloured garments and my wardrobe mostly consists of blues, greys, burgundy and khaki – colours that are easy to combine. This look is particulary cool because of the use of different textures: the shirt, the tee, the shorts: everything in a different fabric, adding depth to the look, but without being too bold thanks to the neutral colours.”

Inspired? We bet you are. Head on over to the ONLY & SONS webshop, where you’ll enjoy some awesome opening offers and a -20% discount on your first order.

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ONLY & SONS has officially launched in our little Belgium land, hooray! We had a blast at the launch party which took place in Summer Josephine’s,  probably the best event location in Antwerp. With its industrial vibe, hipster waiters and tasty cuisine, the PR team behind ONLY & SONS couldn’t have picked a better spot to launch the brand at. The accoustic set of brand ambassador Sean Dhondt’s new band Manouvres was the perfect ending to the night – or was it the beginning for some? Only one lucky couple won a highly desired spot on the guest list, but scroll down for a selection of event pictures of the night. It’ll feel like you were there too!

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With this third and final look, our ONLY & SONS journey has come to an end – for now. You’ll see Cédric making an appearance in ONLY & SONS gear in the seasons to come. And let us know if you fancy seeing his daily outfits on here as well – I might convince him to share more of his personal style on Dogs and Dresses. We had so much fun working on this project, so here are some loveydovey pictures to end this post, just because we can ;)

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