Back on Belgian soil and already thinking about the next travels! We have a busy few weeks coming up at Dogs and Dresses HQ, with an exciting appearance of a new face on the blog, some fun events and a brand new give-away. Which reminds me: don’t forget to enter in the Roermond contest while you still can!

So back home and¬†readjusting to the current weather- I left Barcelona with a huge cold (thanks hotel ac!) and it isn’t getting better. It’s sniffles all the way, which you can probably see on these pics. But that didn’t stop us from documenting my outfit of the day: this long, pale blue blouse is one of the things I picked up at New Look and the hat is probably my favourite accessory du jour.

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Elien is wearing a New Look top, Essentiel cardi and H&M shorts, hat by Maison Scotch, shoes from ZARA and bag from H&M.

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