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  • Invitation: LabelLov Super Sale Weekend!

    No plans for the weekend? Well, I just happen to have an insider tip that could change your life! This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the preloved luxury designer webshop LabelLov is opening its real-life doors to you for their once in a lifetime Super Sale Weekend! LabelLov will no longer be selling clothes, accessories or […]

  • Live In Levi’s

    When Levi’s invited me over to their store in the Kammenstraat (we’ve been there before, remember?) to talk me through their collection of iconic pieces, I was all eyes and ears. In my book, nothing oozes class and elegance as a pair of properly fitting 501 jeans with a white tee and ladylike shoes. I tried […]

  • Leather, Glitter & Talented Friends

    What I wore for a day at the office, a flash visit to the Levi’s store and the long awaited launch of baby Afrodite’s shoe design. The Fashion Folio for Sacha is now live in stores and I couldn’t be more proud of this little one. The launch party was a lot of fun because […]

  • The Best Tip for When You’re Planning a Trip: GoEuro

    Although it can be easy to just say ‘let’s go’, travelling often requires planning, outlining and overthinking. I’m not the type of person to just pack up and head out the door without having at least one travel book under the arm, and I plan trips week in advance, scouring the internet for the best […]

  • O M S K!

    Mondays are best spent in your favourite sweater – and that’s why I’m wearing my new OMSK sweatshirt again right now! I live in grey sweatshirts on days off, and this is how I styled the sweater yesterday: casual cool, with a pair of shorts, shiny trainers and a red lip.  I’m wearing it today with skinny jeans […]

  • Soft Tones and Ripped Knees

    New outfit, fresh off the streets of Antwerp! Those first few weeks at a new job are all about getting the hang of things and finding a routine that works for you. I might not have that much time to blog anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sneak out of the office during my […]

  • Fall-Proof Menage à Trois

    On the hottest day of the month, I’m posting a bit of my autumn wishlist #logic. Without wanting to jinx this lovely weather we’ve got going on, I just needed to share this petite slice of my miles-long wishlist on Asos – I always tell myself my subconscience visits the site because of research for […]

  • Winter Coat Talk

    Happy Monday fellas! It’s the first day on the new job for me today, so I’m starting this Monday bright *yawn* and early! I’ll tell you all about les nouveaux adventures really soon, but for now, let’s just talk outfit. Shot on the beautifuuul streets of Antwerp, I happily posed in my new winter coat from […]

  • Shopping: Back To Cool

    So many of you are saying their goodbyes to the last official day of summer holiday today! Wheter you start school tomorrow, the week after or have been going since the first of September : the time is now to stock up on the best gadgets and supplies. I am an avid Asos shopper,  and […]

  • Va-Va-Voom Lashes in the Blink of an Eye

    How many hours have you spend in your lifetime trying to find the perfect mascara that’ll make your eyes turn big, bright and beautiful? I’m secretly still searching… There are a few other options besides good ol’ mascara though. So in the name of science, I tested out the eyelash extension treatment. Kim Kardashian lashes, […]

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