My 24/7 Closet Sale on

If you’re anything like me, you love a good deal on just about anything. I admit I scour the dark places of the internet for 10% discount codes  and free shipping-vouchers whenever I’m about to place an online order. So naturally, when it comes to landing more expensive designer goodies I like to take my time, compare prices and find myself the best deal. The one place I always check when there’s a new designer piece on my wishlist is, a new online fashion platform that allows its users to sell and buy designer treasures, interact with each other and get inspired. I fell in love with one too many of the items listed on LabelCrush already, so to keep my bank account somewhat balanced, I’m selling a few of my own gems as well. Such a great way to justify all the spending, right? ;)

I know you guys love a good Bloggers Closet Sale, so you’ll be happy to know I have plans to host them on a more regular basis really soon. In the meantime, check out my closet on LabelCrush (I’ll update with new items regularly!) and maybe sell some of your own stuff on there as well? Happy shopping! :)