OUTFIT: Shiny Pretty Things

Spoiler alert: this outfit post contains ALL OF MY FAVOURITE STUFF OF THE MOMENT. Let’s make a list, shall we?

1. This cashmere sweater: I got a Zara gift voucher for my 25th birthday, and instead of buying A LOT with it I wisely chose to go home with this perfectly basic and luxurious cashmere sweater. The sign that I’m really growing up.

2. Working in the epicenter of luxury designer bags was bound to have its effect on me some day, and I actually caved a lot sooner than expected on a not-so-expected choice of brand: I added a Louis Vuitton to the family! This beautiful vintage bucket bag is pretty amazing in real life, so I’m really happy with it. The bright red fluffy keychain was a gift from Oakwood and it certainly adds a pop of colour :)

3. The beginning of September was all about the Blue Ridge collection at WE, and this ripped pair of jeans was my favourite denim of the night!

4. Found in my mail box and on my wrists ever since: these bracelets by Mya Bay: I receive samples and things to try out from time to time, but it’s not often that I get really super excited and like the items as much as I do  with these cute jewels. I’ll zoom in on the brand later on this week, so keep an eye out.

5. It’s SO cool to wear a pair of shoes that one of my closest friends actually designed from scratch, you have no idea! These two-toned leather booties are a design of The Fashion Folio for Sacha and I’m bursting with pride whenever I look down at my toes! The girl did an amazing job now, didn’t she?

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Blue Ridge denim c\o WE Fashion
cashmere grey sweater from Zara
vintage Louis Vuitton Noé in Epi Leather
The Fashion Folio x Sacha boots
bracelets by Mya Bay, WearThatThere and Dogeared
Daniel Wellington watch