Framed! My New Glasses

I got framed! Being in front of a computer screen about 80% of the day really takes its toll on my eyes, and so it was time for some relief. I love glasses on most people, but am particulary fickle about finding the right frame for myself. So I turned to a team of professionals to assist me with my choice. Optiek De Dageraad in Antwerp is the go-to place for the most stylish eyewear, from optical frames and lenses to sunglasses. Among their brands are Tommy Hilfiger, Ray Ban, Silhouette, Persol, Gucci and Boss – view the full list of brands here. As you can see in the video above I had a hard time picking my favourite frame, there were so many beautiful ones to choose from! In the end we opted for a design by William Morris London, a British brand that offers timeless as well as stylishly on-trend eyewear.

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And of course you are dying to see how I look with my new glasses, aren’t you? ;) I’m still getting used to my framed face and I actually find it somewhat hard to dress without looking like someone’s secretary, but that might just be all in my head! I love the fact that these frames are actually leopard printed, but in a very subtle way. How do you like my new glasses?

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Special thanks to Optiek De Dageraad
Dageraadplaats 12
2018 Antwerpen
Check their website here

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