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  • My HelloFresh experience

    If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I don’t like to cook. I don’t enjoy cooking, frying, stirring, boiling and whatnot, and I try to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. I do venture out into the occasional make-your-own-granola hype, but those are rarely successful from the first […]

  • Home Sweet Home

    Hello home! This little apartment has quickly become my favourite place ever with its loads of natural light, authentic wooden floors and an in-house boyfriend who’s around 24/7! The living room is totally ready now that we finally have our couch. A total steal at just under €400, especially seeing that this couch doubles as […]

  • Maxi Skirts on Monday

    A mix of old and new: today’s outfit has it all. I spotted this long, flowy, gorgeous khaki maxi skirt on the sales rack and had to take it home asap. And you know how it goes with new purchases.. You just want to wear them instantly. So I layered the skirt with superwarm and […]

  • My 5 Winter Skincare Essentials

    The only thing that suffers more from these wintery times than my morning temper is my skin. Rain, wind and the general cold tend to have their effect on my skin, and unfortunately it’s as negative as the temperatures: dry, flakey and sensitive skin all around. Hydratation is important, and finding the right products is […]

  • 5 to follow on Dogs and Dresses: the top fashion blogs to add to your bookmarks this instant

    Five to Follow: January

    Everybody can start a blog, but only few really know how to captivate, inspire and keep readers coming back for more. And when I come across such blogs, the only thing I want to do is share them with the rest of the world. Starting this month I’ll be spreading the blog love and list […]

  • Stan Smith Sneakers

    Yet another accomplice in the Stan Smith craze – guilty as charged! I was looking for a good pair of shiny white kicks and almost went for the Isabel Marant baseball sneakers – but then my consciousness aka bank account statements told me otherwise. I’ve been getting so much wear out of my awesome metallic […]

  • Dogs and Dresses fashion blog outfit black white cashmere

    A Weekend Well Spent

    Loves! I’m SO happy to be back! I must admit it’s been quite relaxing taking a week off from the online life, but I’m also bursting with ideas that I can’t wait to share. So yaaay, welcome back blog! As you can see things got a bit of a make-over around here, I hope you […]

  • How to Create your own Blog Header in your Own Handwriting: a simple step tutorial on Dogs and

    How to: Create a Header in your own Handwriting

    New lay-out, new header! Handwritten typograhpy is all the rage right now, and I love a nicely stylized handwritten font. The thing with those is that you can never really download a premade handwritten font – you just have to use your own handwriting! Not really my cup of tea, I thought, so I tweeted, […]

  • Coming up…

    New week, new chances, new everything? I know it’s been rather quiet on the blog front, but fear not, a lot of work is going on behind te scenes. I feel that it’s time for some changes around here, and thinking through new ideas is probably my favourite thing to do. One of these ideas […]

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