How To Beat the Blogging Fatigue

Inspired by the Chapter Friday article on how to get through a blogging dip  – here are my tips on how to beat the blogging fatigue. If you’re feeling a bit burnt-out with no ideas for new, great content, or if you’re momentarily having a hard time getting exciting about all things blogging, these tips could be of great help.

Also check out las year’s article about what I cherish most about blogging and this previous one with even more tips on how to beat a bloggers block!

1. List up!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Make lists! The best ideas can creep up on you when you least expect them to, and they are forever gone in a second. So keep a notebook on your bedside table, fill your phone with your favourite notebook apps (my favourite is Evernote) or hang a whiteboard in front of your desk. List not only your great ideas for content, but also sit down and think about what you love about blogging. What made you start blogging in the first place? Are you still blogging for those reasons? Have you evolved? And where do you want to be a year from now? List all the things you’re greatful for and you’ll feel excited in no time.


2. Seek inspiration

People, books, mags, movies, nature. Whatever does the trick for you. Allow yourself the time to recharge your batteries and fill your head with new ideas. I find that discovering new blogs might just be the motivation I need to get me out of my less productive moments.

3. Set goals

A new year is the best time to think about the past and set the goals that you want to reach in the future. If you’re feeling a bit off blog-wise, think about all the great things it has brought you already, and push yourself to see where you want it to take you in the year coming. A collaboration with a certain brand? Make a document with all the reasons why you are the perfect blogger for the brand, it will give you a confidence boost and bring out new ideas on content.

But most of all, love what you do. If you’re not feeling it at the moment, go on and take some time off. For most of us, blogging is not an obligation, so allow yourself to spend time doing something else.

What are your remedies for a bad case of the blogging fatigue?