My 5 Winter Skincare Essentials

sothys skincare winter essentials beauty kit

The only thing that suffers more from these wintery times than my morning temper is my skin. Rain, wind and the general cold tend to have their effect on my skin, and unfortunately it’s as negative as the temperatures: dry, flakey and sensitive skin all around. Hydratation is important, and finding the right products is the key to a happy winter skin. Enter Sothys and their Winter Kit, especially designed to get your skin through this season.

Crème Nutritive Confort (15ml)

An intensive creme that recovers skin damaged by the cold harsh wind and protects from dehydration. The reme nutririve confort leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

Lait Hydra-Nourrisant (30ml)

After my evening shower, I indulge my skin in the hydra nourrissant, a true source of hydratation for the body. The crème feels thick but non-greasy, so you can put on your freshly washed PJ’s right away. best. thing. ever.

Crème mains velours (15ml)

Cold wind and harsh weather conditions make my hands feel like sanding paper, but this hand crème reverses all that damage and makes my hands feel silky and nourished.

Ampoule Elixir relipidant (1ml)

The kit also contains the very exclusive-looking ampoule elixir relipidant, a hyper nutritious SOS oil that instantly softens and protects the skin. Slather this onto your face right before bed and wake up looking radiant. The ampoule is hard to open (or is that just me and my incompetence?) but I last about 3 to 4 uses with one ampoule.

sothys skincare winter essentials beauty kit 2

Since Sothys is a brand that caters exclusively to expert beauty parlours and spa’s, you won’t find these products everywhere. For more information about this exclusive winter kit and the products, visit the Sothys webpage or leave me a note and I’ll hook you up.