Pineapple coat

IMG_6774 Dogs and Dresses outfit wearing Sienna Boutique-21 Dogs and Dresses outfit wearing Sienna Boutique-collage dogsanddresses IMG_6773 Dogs and Dresses outfit wearing Sienna Boutique-30

What a shoe can do… Did you see the Supercolor collection that Pharell designed for Adidas? The iconic Superstar model in a color range of 50 different shades – that’s 50 pairs of shoes on the wishlist! On the morning of the launch, I browsed the interwebs to see where my favorite colors (pastels please!) would be up for sale. Only on the internet, it seemed. I couldn’t believe how fast these shoes were selling out, so when I came across my colors, I quickly added to basket and headed for the check-out. Yesterday I went to pick up my order and guess what? I’m in love with every color I ordered!! Three pairs of superstars is a bit too much, so I’m selling one pair. Now I just have to decide which color to eliminate… Can you help me?

About the outfit
I’m wearing a full ensemble that I selected at Sienna Boutique. A white skater skirt, loose knit and this cutesy pineapple printed coat. Perfect for a warm spring day. Speaking off, those can’t come any sooner for me!