Ready, Set, GAP

White Shirt Blue Jeans GAP

White Shirt Blue Jeans GAP

White Shirt Blue Jeans GAP

White Shirt Blue Jeans GAP

White Shirt Blue Jeans GAP

I bet you mostly know GAP from those three iconic letters sprawled over shirts and sweaters, but the all American brand is about more than just that. As of this week, GAP is available through Zalando, along with fast ‘n free shipping and free returns. Sporty streetwear, the perfect basics and their brand new range of GAP Resolution jeans, a collecion of recycled denim that keep their fit have made their appearance on the shopping site, making GAP now available for pretty much anyone with a computer.

I’ve browsed the GAP store and selected a few of my favourite items, amongst which are the perfect white shirt + classic blue skinnies that you see here. Of course I couldn’t resist one of their comfy hoodies either, the perfect companion for cold summer nights, early runs and plain chillax days. ;-) How do you like my classic outfit of today?


1. grey sweater – shop here

2. low back shirt – shop here

3. white shirt – shop here

4. grey trousers – shop here

5. skinny jeans – shop here

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