JusJus 3-day Juice Detox

I challenged myself to a three-day juice cleanse powered by JusJus. Three days of cold pressed juices, as green as can be, with only a liquid diet to look forward to. Here’s my day-to-day diary!

3..2..1.. GO!

3..2..1.. GO!


I’ve done this before. And kinda failed at it. I want to do this detox to cleanse not only my body but also my mind, to challenge myself and hopefully be proud afterwards. The JusJus team is always so friendly, eager to help and compassionate, which is good to know when you’re having a rough detox day. Before the start of my cleanse, Julie send me an email with tips, guidelines and a good pat on the back. That’s why, in the days leading up to the start, I ate as clean as possible, avoided as much caffeine and alcohol as possible, and deleted any carbs from the menu. I even made sure I had the apartment all to myself – to avoid having to deal with my boyfriend eating, and to protect him from my crazy i-want-to-have-food tantrums. A girl’s gotta be prepared. On Sunday night, perfectly on time, my juices were delivered right onto my doorstep. All 18 of them. 9 litres of cold pressed raw juices, which would make up my meals for the next three days.



Juice delivery!

Day 1

It’s a Monday, it’s a new month… I figured today would be the best day ever to start since people tend to start diets on Mondays, and a new month signifies a new beginning, which could maybe help me on this journey.

I hop out of bed at 08:00 and am instantly welcomed by bright rays of sun. Okay June, let’s do this! I have to be at work at 9, which usually gives me 45 minutes to get ready in the morning. Only now, I’m ready to go at 08:20. Not having to deal with breakfast in the morning gives me extra free time, time that I spend doing some light exercises. Hey it’s a new month after all.

Once at the office I get a few curious looks from my co-workers. The first juice is Greenday, filled with apple, courgette, fennel, lemon, spinach and broccoli. I have my first sip of the morning and am surprised about how tasty it is. Not bitter at all, rather sweet and healthy.

I add the schedule to my phone and get a reminder every time it’s time for another juice. Six a day seems not that much, but I actually had trouble keeping up with my juice schedule. At 11 it’s time for Oh My Greens!, a pretty green juice filled with apple, cucumber, spinach, romaine lettuce, celery, lemon, ginger and parsley. Same story here: a tasty, sweet juice that I happily pour down. I haven’t really felt hungry up to this point, and when I start to do, I just take a big sip of the juice.

The third juice of the day is The Hulk, which is probably my least favourite of the bunch. It’s after lunch time right now, so I do drink it to still my hunger, along with loads of water. All in all it goes down smoothly. By the time I’m done with The Hulk it’s five o’clock and I’m ready to go home. I get an email from the JusJus team checking up on me, and I happily mail back that it’s all going well and that I’m not experiencing any headache.

I get home and crawl into bed with the intention of getting some work done, but instead I watch an episode of 90210 and fall asleep. The fourth juice is the Skinny G, which mostly consists out of pink grapefruit – which I don’t like at all. I wake up hours later, when it’s already time for my The Jus Tox, so I just skip the Skinny G and proceed with number five. The Jus Tox is really yummy and has apple, cucumber, celery and ginger in it. Since I slept through most of the evening, it’s not that hard to say no to cravings.. I watch a bit of television whilst working out, and then crawl back into bed with bottle number six, the almond milk. This is such a comforting drink, and it really is perfect to end the day.


yumz green juices!

Day 2

I wake up with a massive headache. Oh so that’s what everybody was talking about… It’s raining cats and dogs, and I immediately get the feeling that today won’t be as easy as yesterday. But luckily things go well at work – it is so busy that I cannot even think about eating, which definitely helps. I look forward to get home and try the Summer Lovin’, a seasonal juice filled with watermelon, strawberry, lime and mint. Upon my request the JusJus team added this new flavour instead of the Skinny G. And I love it! This wouldn’t be bad with a shot of wodka and a little umbrella either ;-)

I deliberately make no plans to meet up with friends, so I stay in to resist any temptations that may screw up my so-far so-good cleanse. This gives me extra time to spend on work, and I feel that I become much more productive. I finish my Jus Tox around 9. Of course my fridge is still stocked with all kinds of vegetables and fruits from the days before the cleanse, and I find it hard not to have a little snack. I eventually decide on just grabbing an apricot which my mom brought from Spain and of which she said it was the best apricot ever. How can I just leave that to go to waste.. I thoroughly enjoy munching on this yummy fruit. My headache is gone and I complete a few articles well before their deadline. After that I’m calling it an early night again, but not before trying that other seasonal juice, the Strawberry Fields. This milk contains 20% strawberries and is soooo good. As the strawberry season is short, JusJus will only offer this milk until they may no longer be able to source them from their local farmers. I can totally recommend you trying this one.

Oh My Greens!

Oh My Greens!

Day 3

“I guess the cleanse is easier for me if I try to be unconscious for as much time as possible”

It’s my day off, and I try to sleep as long as possible. Fail. I wake up at 07.00, and decide I need to stay in bed until 9. I guess I find that the cleanse is easier for me if I try to be unconscious for as much time as possible :-D so I watch some tv shows and get up at nine. I move on to the balcony to soak up some rays of sun, whilst drinking my last Greenday! I almost feel kind of sad, because there’s nothing easier than opening your fridge and finding delicious, nutritious juices without having to go grocery shopping or slave around in the kitchen. My overall mood is good, I feel fresh and healhy and I like what I see in the mirror. My skin seems brighter and my tummy is definitely more defined. I think this is the best thing about this cleanse for me: it gives me the perfect kick-start for a healthier, more conscious lifestyle. The day goes on and everything runs smoothly, but I can’t wait until tomorrow to actually chew on food! Girlfriend Marijs comes over and eats a delicious looking sandwich in front of me, while I quietly sip on my juice. I have a few strawberries for dinner, only because they would turn bad if I waited until tomorrow. I enjoy my last Jus Tox and finally get to taste the Vanilla Sky – secretly the one milk I’ve been really excited about. It’s super tasty, and I decide to only drink half so I can enjoy it for breakfast in the morning. Poured in a bowl with granola and lots of fruits, that is!


yaaay I made it! I’m actually really proud and happy with how good I’ve been able to keep myself to the cleanse, and I feel totally ready to keep up this healthy lifestyle. I’ll tone down on sugar and carbs and will try to be more conscious about the things I eat, and when and why I eat them.

My tips for a successful juice cleanse

  • Timing: timing can be everything. Pick a time in which you know work isn’t too busy or when you can maybe take a few days off, when you have the house to yourself, don’t have any lunch meetings or dinners planned, when you’re not on your period (hello cravings!) and when you feel up for it.
  • Energy: you should really aim for a successful ending, and not just try it to see what happens. A cleanse requires a certain level of commitment, and you can only get through it by having the right mind-set. Healthy mind, healthy body ;-)
  • Support: detoxing ain’t the easiest thing, so make sure you’re getting some support from friends.The JusJus team will gladly listen to your musings, just drop them an email, give a call or post something directed to @jusjusbe or by using the hashtags.
  • Mindset: this will only work if you want it to! Start your cleanse when you are ready for it, when you are the one really wanting this to succeed. And if you do, it will!


A 3-day cleanse like the one I did costs 164,50 euros. You can also opt for a shorter period of time, or a longer one. Find all the information about your perfect detox cleanse on JusJus.be.

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