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  • Life with Lewis #1

    We’re almost celebrating Lewis’ first month in team Dogs and Dresses, so I thought it would be fun to share some snapshots and pictures of Lewlew. Turns out life with Lewis is even better than I thought it would be. When I first met him I thought he was a very friendly dog, but then […]

  • Year in Review on

    Redken Shades EQ Gloss + Give-Away!

    My hair was in dire need of a colour fix, so when Redken kindly offered to let me test their brand new range of hair colour, I eagerly said yes! My hair is kinda important to me (read: I secretly want to take a life insurance on my locks), so I tend to be picky […]

  • Timberland Black Forest Collection

    Made for the Modern Trail

    We’re past the 21st of September so for the upcoming six months it’s gloomy weather galore up in here – it literally did not stop raining today, so we eventually just braved the rain and went outside to shoot anyway. Luckily I was dressed for that dreaded autumn weather. Upside to saying goodbye to summer: […]

  • LoveStories Boutique in Antwerp

    Cute lingerie has never been more sexy: LoveStories knows how to walk the fine line between comfort, cuteness and sexy-as-hell, and the Amsterdam-based brand just opened up shop in Antwerp. The first LoveStories boutique in Belgium is located in the Groendalstraat and houses all your favourite underwear. The store is designed to look and feel […]

  • Pink Knit and Air Forces

    I told you to expect loads of Lewis appearances ;-) Here we are on our first outing since a while – today I felt healthy enough to take a walk outside, in the company of puppy and Polienne. It was also the first time this week that I dressed up in anything else than sweatpants, […]

  • #MyRituals

    Today i’m talking you through the little everyday things I do to relax, wind down and recharge. The things that make up #MyRituals. Life is more than busy and juggling a full-time job, a brand new puppy plus running my own business tends to take its toll on my personal time. Mornings are short and […]

  • 10 Reasons why LabelCrush is your fave Designer Marketplace

    Last weekend I hosted the Bloggers Closet Sale, and for the fourth year in a row it was a succes! So thanks to everyone who came out. We’re planning on organising another sale soon, but in the meantime I’m selling a bunch of stuff on LabelCrush. I donated a lot of gear to charity already, […]

  • A Crystal Clear Moment with Swarovski

    You might have seen me make an appearance on Flemish fashion site this week. Together with Belmodo I shot a campaign video for Swarovski, a brand that doesn’t really need an introduction I think. Swarovski in three words: crystals, trendy and affordable. For the inspirational video we headed to my hometown Hasselt, where I […]

  • Outfit: Meet Lewis

    How thrilled am I to finally be able to write this blog post.. Today I’m not introducing you to yet another fashion brand or beauty secret, but something much closer to my heart. If you’re following this blog from the early days, you probably know how much I love dogs, and how sad it was […]

  • The Perfect Cardigan for Fall

    You know that feeling when you walk into a store and stumble upon a piece of clothing that you instantly need to have? I had that exact thing happen to me the other day at H&M. I walked in, saw this green cardi, whipped it off its hanger and headed to the register. True story. […]

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