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  • PureJuice detox program

    January is for Juicing: PureJuice + 6 Tips For Surviving your Detox

    The first month of the new year is coming to an end, which also means it’s time to re-evaluate those 2016 resolutions we’ve made 30 days ago. You may still be visiting the gym on a regular basis or haven’t eaten a carb since that slice of pie on new year’s day. But chances are […]

  • pastel pink coat

    Pastel Pink & Light Blue

    Introducing you to: my favorite coat for next season! Pastels for Spring, not exactly groundbreaking, but I just love this dusty pink hue. Not to mention its slightly boxy, straight-cut shape. That one week of freezing cold was enough for me, I’m so ready for Spring. This is another all Sienna Goodies look that I […]

  • WEARE501 event report

    Live in Levi’s, Party in Levi’s # WEARE501 👖🍷

    It’s official: Sundays are the new Saturdays. Last weekend a bunch of denim-crazy girls took a party bus towards Amsterdam, for some serious dining, dancing and denim-ing. Cause of celebration? The WEARE501 party in honor of the iconic and never-ever-ever-going-out-of-style Levi’s 501 jeans. Place to be was the ArtDeli culture bites Restaurant and Bar on the […]

  • Dump Him Topshop Slogan T-Shirt

    Say it with a T-Shirt

    The slogan t-shirt, sometimes the easiest way to speak your mind ;-) I love the kind of 70’s vibe this corduroy jacket and slogan tee combination gives off, and I’m thinking it would work even better paired with flared jeans.. *makes the peace sign while whispering ‘yeah man’*. I don’t really know what’s going on […]

  • Adidas Superstar Rize Sneakers

    Another look from London, this time in my brand new Adidas Superstar Rize sneakers. I am still a sucker for a good white sneaker, but after trashing my Nike Air Force 1’s during a muddy walk with Lew, I couldn’t really find new ones I truly liked. Until I bumped into this cool version of […]

  • Anti-Valentine's Day Shirts:

    Sunday Shopping: 8 x Anti-Valentine’s Shirts

    It’s not quite the end of January and yet my mailbox has been flooding with mailings about only one thing… Valentine’s Day! I’m all about showing your loved ones you care, but I’ve never really been a supporter of the materialistic part of this semi-holiday. For those looking to make a statement, I rounded up eight of […]

  • Easy Look

    Shooting for ELLE

    Happy Saturday!  This is yesterday’s look. came over to the LabelCrush HQ to shoot a video, and next week you’ll be able to shop your favorite designer pieces from ELLE editors on the site! After work I ventured into the rainy night for an event at Hunkemöller and a lovely dinner at Frank & Brut with the […]

  • Pastel Pink Parka

    Pastel Pink Parka

    This particular parka is proof that late-night online sale shopping can lead to great things. I bought this cocoon parka with detachable pink faux fur hood in the middle of summer for a ridiculously good price, and I’ve been wearing it for two winters straight. Winner! It first appeared on the blog last year in […]

  • Weight Watchers 2016

    Eat, Feel, Move: 3 Steps To A Happy & Healthy You

    It’s well into the first month of the new year and I still haven’t talked about this year’s resolutions.. Which is probably because this time around, I didn’t make any. Time and time again I vowed to myself to live a better, healthier life, by cutting out sugars or fats or carbs or whatever the trending […]

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