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Live in Levi’s, Party in Levi’s # WEARE501 👖🍷

Live in Levi’s, Party in Levi’s # WEARE501 👖🍷

It’s official: Sundays are the new Saturdays. Last weekend a bunch of denim-crazy girls took a party bus towards Amsterdam, for some serious dining, dancing and denim-ing. Cause of celebration? The WEARE501 party in honor of the iconic and never-ever-ever-going-out-of-style Levi’s 501 jeans.

Place to be was the ArtDeli culture bites Restaurant and Bar on the Rokin in the center of Amsterdam. We enjoyed some fine cuisine and assorted wines, before ditching the high heels in favor of crazy dance moves and good old vodka-applejuice. The morning after we woke up not so flawless in The Hoxton hotel and took the early train back home and straight to work, because, it’s Monday. I might just have to stick to Saturdays in the future…

Oh I’m wearing the newest member of the Levi’s family, the Wedgie. And I LOVE it!


Pics by Fat Kids Cake

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