Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day pro tip: if you want flowers, you should buy them yourself. I’m the last one to jump onto the V-day bandwagon, relationship or not, since I don’t really see the point in having one day a year to celebrate love. Let’s just do that all year round, shall we? Also: if you want something, work/save for it and treat yourself. Much more rewarding!

I’m casually hanging around in front of some stranger’s front door, holding roses and posing in my boyfriend jeans (which are very much mine and not my boyfriend’s). The Ked’s red champion sneakers are a subtle wink to February 14th, and I love how they look with the denim and loose fitting pajama style top from Minimum. Laid back, just the way I like it on a Sunday.

Hope you’re having a Sunday to remember :-) Love.

happy valentine's day happy valentine's day

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