Repeat Offender

It’s no exception. I do it all the time. I’ll be standing in a store, pondering over which color I should get that perfect slouchy sweater in, and then I’ll just end up getting it in two or three different shades. The same sweater. Totally different. I do this with denim (I have this skinny in 3 washings), with hats, with knits and even with expensive designer bags… But I do it with shoes too. These Nike Air Force 1’s have quickly become my go-to sneaker, since I like the way they look on almost any type of denim, be it skinnies or a boyfriend fit. I wore them a lot, so much so that they inevitable transformed from crisp white into a not-so-clean cream. These can probably be thrown into the washing machine, which I’ll do sometime… But for now, I just treated myself to a brand spanking new pair of crisp white Nike Air Force 1’s. I’ll go to the laundromat later.

Do you ever buy the same thing twice?

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