Green Satin Bomber

If there’s one hot item that’s currently trending, it must be the bomber jacket. From Gucci runways to Zara clothing racks in no time, the bomber is the jacket of the season. I’ve managed to collect a few of them myself, and like mine in a satin shine finish, with cool colours and even better prints. The one I managed to get my hands on today has an amazing green shade, japanese inspired drawings and best of all… It’s totally reversible! So two jackets in one, always a plus.

What I’m up to today? Well, I’m driving 1.5 hours to a hair salon to get my locks fixed.. Had them colored at a salon in Antwerp last weekend, but totally wasn’t happy with the results (which you can see in these pictures.. I look like a zebra ;-)). So yep, quite the journey but hoping I will like the new ‘do a lot better :) Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! X

Sienna Goodies Bomber Jacket Satin-7 Sienna Goodies Bomber Jacket Satin-15 Sienna Goodies Bomber Jacket Satin-13 Sienna Goodies Bomber Jacket Satin-26 Sienna Goodies Bomber Jacket Satin-16 Sienna Goodies Bomber Jacket Satin-20 Sienna Goodies Bomber Jacket Satin-30

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