Sunny Doggy Walks

Kalimera! It was finally warm enough to take my Santorini-inspired Zara broderie dress out for a spin, so I did. It went with me for sunny walks with Lewis and rosé-induced talks about the meaning of life. I swear we were one bottle away of figuring it all out! Little Lewis might look cute in these pictures, but this dog sure does have a devilish side… Which he shows by chewing on my all-time favourite pair of designer shoes. Came home from work yesterday only to find my beloved Reed Krakoff heels ‘customized’ by Lew’s teeth. Thanks doggg… Couldn’t really be mad at him though, but I am taking out money of his allowance and treating myself to a new pair ;-)

Lewis-Zara-Dress-8Pin It

Lewis-Zara-Dress-29Pin It

Lewis-Zara-Dress-22Pin It

Lewis-Zara-Dress-13Pin It

Lewis-Zara-Dress-24Pin It

Lewis-Zara-Dress-36Pin It

Lewis-Zara-Dress--24Pin It

Lewis-Zara-Dress-32Pin It

Lewis-Zara-Dress-21Pin It

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