The Perfect Wedding Party Dress

Wedding Party-5

Every single time I need to dress up for a somewhat fancy event, I feel like showing up in a pair of ripped jeans and and a leather jacket. Even when half of my wardrobe consists out of girly dresses that almost never see the light of day. Such a rebel. Luckily I fought the urge to show up looking like I came straight from Rock Werchter, and dressed up in this supergirly, shiny pink ruffle dress. The event? The wedding party of a dear family friend, and the newlyweds did a great job at pinterest-proofing the wedding venue. I had a great time catching up with family and friends and showing off my dance moves ;-)

Wedding Party-3I ordered this dress on, unfortunately it’s sold out most of the time. I still have it in a size 36 as well that I’m planning on sending back (hooray for free returns!) so holla if you want to order it but can’t because it’s sold out, I have an extra!

Wedding Party Wedding Party-8 Wedding Party-17 Wedding Party-4

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