Dream Coat


I know, I know. I was just talking about how I found the perfect coat for Winter, but here I am today, with another dream coat find! This gorgeous grey beauty is from Sienna Goodies and has a wool neckline, the perfect mid-length and a color that matches just about anything. I love how cool it looks paired with black skinnies and ankle boots! My boots are a brand new find by MaripΓ©, available online at fave shoe destination Omoda. Just when I announced my love for these, I tripped over something on the street and scratched the leather on the upper part of the right boot. Sad face! Who cares about a few scratches tho, these boots are still cool as hell!

Have you sorted out your fall/winter wardrobe yet? I’m still stocking up on knits, coats, scarves and boots – and will soon be selling a lot of older stuff! You might want to mark the 20th of November in your calendars already ;-)









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