Bloggers Closet Sale in Antwerp

Bloggers Closet Sale: Your invite!

It’s that time of year again kids! The Bloggers Closet Sale in Antwerp, bigger and better and still housing in the most instagrammable coffee spot of Antwerp: Kaffeenini. Hosting this year are Ruth, Paulien and I – like we did last time. Unfortunately Nathalie can’t join us this edition, so we had some extra room for new faces. And we cannot complain, since we got ourselves the biggest Belgian menswear style blogger, as well as a bonafide fashion editor joining in on the fun. Shop the closets of Matthias Geerts and Catherine Kosters (Flair magazine) as well as mine, Paulien’s and Ruth’s wardrobe. Different sizes, different styles, loads of good bargains to score! See a preview of my stuff here – there will be SO MUCH MORE added!
Bloggers Closet Sale
12.00 – 18.00
Sunday 20th of November
Kaffeenini Nationalestraat Antwerp
Cash Only
Bloggers Closet Sale in Antwerp