You know those items that you get and instantely want to wear? Both this jacket and these loafers are such items! I received the loafers at work on Friday and immediately traded in my sneakers for them. Wore them all through Saturday as well, and even after a suuuper long walk with baby dinosaur aka Lewis, my feet didn’t hurt a bit. Score! I didn’t end up buying those Gucci loafers after all (mainly because life keeps dropping bills on me) but these Sacha loafers are a very good substitute. Only 1/7th of the price too, so that helps ;-)

The jacket was a gift I got at the VILA x Polienne launch last Friday, and I celebrated the first sunny weekend of 2017 in it! It was such a good weekend really, with equal parts friends, family and fun (in the sun). Here’s to hoping the next one will be just as good!

Find these loafers with studs here

My favourite dainty jewelry by Imagin

Outfit details // Topshop Jaimy skinny jeans, Sacha schoenen black loafers with studs, VILA jacket with patches, CĂ©line sunglasses, Zara cashmere sweater. Pics by Ruth Van Soom.