Giant Faux Fur

H&M Pink Faux Fur Coat 2017

Not the best pictures but still wanting to show you one of the most showstopping pieces in my wardrobe right now: this giant faux fur! It is from H&M’s Winter 2017 collection and sold out so fast that I didn’t even see it for sale anywhere. I did posted a pic of it onto my IG story, and then suddenly I found this precious thing on my doorstep. Thank you fairy godmothers over at H&M, you guys are the best!

This coat is equally awesome as it is heavy though, so wearing this for a day equals as a dedicated work-out. Not having to go to the gym when you’re wearing this stunner? A total winner, this one!

I wish I could link this coat for you guys to order online, but like I said it is nowhere to be found at the moment. H&M does have it in a baby blue color as well, so you’ll maybe have more luck running into that one. I did spot some similar coats on Asos and Boohoo though, so it might be worth checking out.

H&M Pink Faux Fur Coat 2017


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