Change of Seasons

Hi there fellas! Hope you all had a kick-ass Tuesday today :-) I’ve been feeling even more happy than usual these days, which is weird because it is a crazy hectic time but somehow, with the season slowly changing, I become more and more energized – which I absolutely love and totally needed after the long dark Winter. As you can see it was still freezing when we shot these pictures on the weekend, but at the same time it was one of the first sunshine filled days. Love it!

Let me introduce you to a few of my current faves! First up: this beautiful soft oatmeal colored sweater! I love its cropped fit and wide sleeves, which I think will look even more awesome with a pair of white jeans and sandals come Summer time. A neutral color like this always works, and this particular sweater stays away from the boring thanks to its boxy fit and statement sleeves. Yep, very happy with this one! I ordered it online on Defshop, a store which mainly carier sports gear but also very elegant and fun sweaters such as this one.

The thing hanging on my shoulder is yet another one of those absolutely current favourites of mine: my new Balenciaga bag! It is the Balenciaga City S in silver hardware with silver trims, and it is one size smaller than my grey City and one size larger than my black Mini – in other words: it is the perfect addition to my Balenciaga collection! I am smitten with the khaki green color as well, and in retrospect it is probably a better investment than the bright red City I spotted at the Paris store earlier this month.

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