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14 Day Detox: Challenge Accepted

Be So Happy 14 Day Detox

In January, I vow to myself to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, to spend time in the gym, say no to sweets and carbs etc… You know the story right? Mid-January, I find myself munching on one too many chocolate bars (mmm the CotΓ© d’Or Praline is by far my fave!), “don’t feel like going to the gym today” and just generally slip back into my easy lifestyle. It’s an okay lifestyle though, in which I try to move and eat healthy as much as possible, I just have a lot of cheat days in between. Right before Summer starts, I go into panic-mode and visit the gym a lot more, but then, when Summer really rolls in, there’s no chance I can say no to that second glass bottle of rosΓ©, those delicious BBQ dinners and crazy festival moments that always end with some kind of fastfood. I’ve especially had a hard time sticking to a work-out schedule for the past week, as it was too hot to function and I could barely even make it from my office to my appartment without breaking a sweat. Ahh them excuses ;-) Anyways, things about to change, and it feels even more real and serious by writting it down and publishing it for the world to see, so that’s exactly what I am doing now. I just received a package from Be So, a brand specialised in vegan shakes and supplements which I tried (and absolutely loved!) before. They recently launched a set of supplements, three products with different advantages, all equally healthy for you. The product that spoke to me most is their 14-day detox, a jar of pills set out to purify, cleanse and detox your body. After a crazy weekend at Tomorrowland I can surely use it, so here we go!

I’ll share my progress on the blog and on my instagram as well, so send me some support if you like ;-)