The Weekday Judy Jacket

It’s been on the quiet side around here for some time (apparantly blogging is sooo 2012) but I am back again with two daily outfit posts in one week! My Lisbon outfit from yesterday couldn’t be more different than the outfit I had on today! This look was what I picked out to get through this gloomy and wet Wednesday. I spotted this Judy jacket from Weekday a while ago on but had a hard time finding it in my size. I actually managed to order it twice in a size XS – went to check-out, paid for the order and sat around waiting for it to got delivered, only to find out that my order got cancelled because of my size being out of stock, TWICE. I finally managed to order and actually receive this cute coat in a size S, which makes it even more oversized on me than it already is. Cannot wait to wear this with an all-beige outfit. The bag is not mine unfortunately, but it paired so perfectly that I just had to take it out for a spin ;-) Hope you like this real-time outfit update, for more instant looks I suggest following me on my instagram here.