My 2016 Blogging Resolutions

2015 has been a good year to Dogs and Dresses. There was the campaign for Piaget in Paris, my sneaker launch with Unickz, a video shoot for Swarovski, the shoot for Zalando in Berlin, the breathtaking views on Saint-Martin and lots of dancing at Tomorrowland, the ELLE party, and the Taylor Swift concert.

Work, Blog, Sleep, Repeat: 6 Blogging Tips For Busy Bees

As some of you know, I am currently working in a fashion-focused environment. I like to think I landed myself quite the perfect job since I’m constantly surrounded by the best designer fashion, have the freedom and opportunity to rely on my experience while still learning every day and get to spend the day with awesome colleagues and.

Why Your Favourite Blogger on Instagram is a Fraud

How well-known bloggers are manipulating their images in Photoshop, making themselves appear much smaller – and we keep liking it. It’s a well-known fact that mainstream A-list fashion blogs have gone from “exciting peek into a fashionable and real life”  to a highly curated, stylized and manipulated depiction of a parallel universe in which everything is bright, bubbly and perfect.

Blogger vs. WordPress: the showdown

Just recently I discovered the beauty that is blogging via WordPress, and I was turned in an instant. I have a lot experience with blogging via Google’s Blogger platform, making the most of its features and limitations, but the unlimited amount of options WordPress has to offer is breath-taking.

My New Business Card Design

Business cards: a must for spreading the blog love on offline occasions. A good blog has recognizable branding, and esthetically pleasing business cards will help potential partners and visitors to remember you better.