Vinyl Skirt

Try the vinyl skirt trend they said, it will be fun they said. All fun and games, until I walked outside and had people staring at me like I just escaped from the nearest dungeon…

Flamingo Fun

Can we go back to this moment pleeeease? Ever since being back in Belgium it hasn’t stopped raining, so I’m enjoying sneezing my nose, coughing till I can’t cough no more and sounding like Octo everytime I try to speak.

Postcard from Verona

Ciao! I’ve got a lot of content still to post, but let’s start with last week’s trip to Verona first! Our stay at the hotel Leon D’oro, with all its grandeur and fanciness, inspired me to take this romantic off-shoulder dress for a spin.

Leather & Leopard

Less than 24h ago I was sitting on the terrace of Banningville (aka my fave restaurant in the neighbourhood and a total recommendation if you’re looking for a cosy, tasty and healthy dinner option in Antwerp), almost melting away in my floral jumpsuit and sandals.

Gingham Dress

During hot summer days I tend to turn towards my usual summer uniform, consisting out of denim cut-offs and a tank or tee, but this time around I opted for a little more interesting:

Festival Ready

Hi babes! After a few days of radio silence I’m back! After a fun weekend at WeCanDance I was ready to get back to work when suddenly I got this huge allergic reaction that swell up my entire face.