3x Wonderfull Winter Coats

Hooray, it’s coat season! There’s nothing I like to collect more than wonderful winter coats – besides bags. and shoes. Anyways, I made a selection of three must-have coats that need to land into my closet asap.

Hello December

Sooo, that went fast. Can’t believe it’s december already! Seems like just yesterday that I was floating on a waterbed in the backyard ;-) I always long for winter knits and big scarfs in summer, but I wouldn’t say no to denim shorts and hot temperatures right now.

Those Quotes You Love To Share

If you spend any time on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve undoubtatly come across at least one of these quote images. The brains behind the well-shared and well-liked artwork is Jasmine Dowling, aussie illustrator and style blogger.

Stripes on Top

The striped top: a consistent factor in my wardrobe. They get me from winter to summer and back, work with neutrals but also with other patterns, leopard prints and bright colours and they give every single outfit that certain je-ne-sais-quoi.