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  • Meet my Maruti’s

    Do you know that feeling when you finally land your hands on that one item you’ve been coveting for so long? I remember my first encounter with Maruti, the exciting footwear brand from the Netherlands. The fun animal prints immediately caught my eye, and I loved the hairy texture of every pair so much that […]

  • Patterns & Neutrals

    There are a few items in my closet that I feel very strongly about. The perfectly fitted pair of skinnies, that boyfriend jeans that’s ripped in just the right places, the softest tees and perfect basis shirts. And then there is this skirt… It made absolutely no sense for me to buy it, because I […]

  • Packing for Paradise with O’Neill x Liberty

    It’s the time of year when your summer plans are finally getting shape – nothing better than planning a holiday and counting down the days to when departure day is finally here. I have a few fun summer plans on the horizon, some near and some a little further away. But bikini’s will be needed […]

  • O M S K!

    Mondays are best spent in your favourite sweater – and that’s why I’m wearing my new OMSK sweatshirt again right now! I live in grey sweatshirts on days off, and this is how I styled the sweater yesterday: casual cool, with a pair of shorts, shiny trainers and a red lip.  I’m wearing it today with skinny jeans […]

  • Casino Royal

    Most women spend some time preparing for their evening out on the town. This preparation may include facial treatments, hair styling, manicures or even pedicures. Although one aspect that all women must consider is choosing an outfit to wear. What to select will depend entirely on the dress code of the venue they are attending. […]

  • Gaga Gig | Rebel with a Microphone

    pics by Polienne wearing:  jeans – River Island / shirt – American Apparel /  sequined vest – Primark / sneaks – Nike via Spartoo schoenen Lady Gaga: I’m not the world’s biggest fan, but I do appreciate an artist who can put up a good show and this little lady (she really is tiny!) took […]

  • 12% Discount on

      Just because I’m on a temporary shop stop doesn’t mean you need to be, right? Here’s some happy news for all you shoe and bag lovers out there: is offering a 12% discount on EVERYTHING! All because of the Dutch national holiday Queens Day, which is not really an holiday I normally celebrate, […]

  • Praying for Pukkelpop

    Last night tragedy struck Pukkelpop. Devastation, heartbreak and pain. My thoughts go out to all lost and injured people and their friends and families, the organisation and volunteers. No words.

  • My best friend

    My best friend past away totally unexpected yesterday and I’m heartbroken over it. He truly was the most amazing pet anyone could ever imagine. Next to that he was also my dearest friend, the one who could always cheer me up. He was the reason i named this blog dogs&dresses. I know you’re still with […]

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