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Hi there, hope you and your loved ones are all doing well! I'm doing my best staying in as much as possible, only venturing out into the wild for Lewis' walks and the occassional supermarket visit. Must say it's been easy keeping busy for the past week, but I admit I spent most of my

Last year was my first ski holiday ever, and even though I still lacked some skills, I sure as hell had enough ski-proof looks with me. This year around, I upped my ski skills ànd got the outfits to match! We went on a mid-week break to Wengen, Switzerland, to enjoy the snow, the slopes,

Hiya! Almost ready to embark on my ski trip adventure, but since I am dreading packing for the cold weather, I decided to drop in with last weekend's outfit. I'm wearing the most perfect pair of wide legged jeans by S. Oliver, a brand I don't usually turn to when it comes to denim, but

Hi guys! It's been a minute, but here I am - dropping in with an oldschool outfit post! It's one in real time as well, as this was my Sunday outfit of the day. The perfect attire for a perfect Sunday: I slept in, met girlfriend Anouk for lunch, shot some blog and instagram content,

If there's one item of clothing (well, actually two but who's counting) that I absoluuuuutely rely on for professional situations, it's the matching suit! I found this pinstripe ensemble particulary appealing, as it has a wide, menslike cut and flowy pants that work just as well with a pair of heeled booties as they do