Five things

Have you ever had that feeling of utterly happiness when passing an elderly couple holding hands, when walking past the bakery and smelling the scent of fresh baked bread or when walking through the park and hearing the laughter of little kids play? Seriously, I have this all the time (especially when there’s dogs involved. A cute dog passing by equals me laughing out loud and clapping my hands like a seal). Anyway I thought I’d share some of the random – material – things that caused me to smile this week.

1 – This beauty
2 – Good company on train rides
3 – Kimono’s! Seriously, how great are kimono’s? Kimono! Funnest word to say. Kimono!
4 – Pretty flowers
5 – My graduation dress. Picked it out weeks ago. All I need do to now is ehmm, graduate.

What random things make you smile?