The Prep Pop-up House

What? The opening of the Tommy Hilfiger Prep Pop-Up House
When? 5th of August
Where? Knokke, Belgium

Pretty people, all dressed in their own preppy way and yet all so different. It showed me ‘prep’ is not a ready-made packet you can just buy, throw on and get going. It’s much more a state of mind in which you can incorporate all kinds of different items and accessories. This was illustrated by the fact that items of the Tommy Hilfiger Prep collection were accompanied by one-of-the-kind vintage pieces, just to show it doesn’t all have to be new and shiny. Your preppy outfit can contain items with a history and a soul. I think it’s a great idea to pair your new Tommy shirt with a skirt you found at a second hand shop for 2 euros. Adding vintage to your wardrobe is always a good way to get to know your true style, rather than copying everything you see in shop windows.

Really a way of living instead of just a passing trend that happens to be hot right now. Tommy Hilfiger showed me a whole other side of its collection, with fun, playful and not too serious items that can be easily combined and integrated in different outfits.

Each and every time I meet my fellow bloggers it’s always happy times and good vibes! Really, put some fashion minded bloggers in the same room and you have guaranteed fun. It is great to just being able to talk about shared interests, drool over pretty shoes and hear new thoughts, ideas and perspectives. Throw in some delicious prosecco and cocktails and yummy bites to eat and we are good to go! What was supposed to be a short afternoon visit to Knokke actually turned in to an overnight stay. Spontaneous decisions are okay in the Summer!

Preparatory schools or boarding schools are the ideal backdrop for your preppy outfit. They are the place the preppy life arose. But believe me when I say all invited guests looked great in their outfits, even with the Belgian coast in the background. I could have gone for a more weather-appropriate look since the sun was really working it that day, but I felt kind of fun in my red and blue outfit (colours that happen to be the billboard of Tommy Hilfiger. Ingenious, right?). We even went toe-dipping in the sea and I had an amazing day at the beach.

Muchos gracias to Unlimited PR for the invite, Tommy Hilfiger for the prett/ppy house and all my fellow fashion friends for the great day!

Want to know more about the origin and concept of the preppy style? Read my previous article on the subject here or check out the book ‘True Prep’ by Lisa Birnbach (available in the TH pop-up store or on Amazon)

For a more visual report of this preppy day, check out this movie Nathalie from the Merrymakers made. While you’re at it, vote for her in the Nokia and Elle Style correspondent Competition!

Want to check out the pop-up house for yourself? It’s open for business untill the 15th of august and is located at the Albertplein in Knokke. Have fun!