Event | Swapping Summer Edition

Who doesn’t like getting new clothes, shoes and accessories without having to spend a dime? I know I do! That’s why I’m always present when there’s a Swapping event in town. In short, Swapping is a fun, eco-friendly and credit card-friendly way of updating your closet. You take your bad buys with you to a Swapping event near you and you exchange them for pretty new finds that other people brought with them. It’s true what they say, one man’s trash* is another man’s treasure. I immediately spotted a pair of high heeled sandals that just screamed ‘party!’, and I managed to score a new floral dress (with the tags still on) and the softest leather bag from DKNY. Score! I’m already wearing the new shoes on the last picture. Yes, i’m a very impatient 22 year old.

Swapping is a bi-annual event. I attended the Summer Edition, which is an entire week of guaranteed fashion fun. During that week the Swapping team travels from one city to another, so there’s always a Swapping event in your neighbourhood. So no excuses, we’ll see each other at the Winter Edition!

More info? Check swapping.be

* please don’t bring trash with you to a Swapping evening, the items you bring should be presentable and clean. Dirty shirts, old lingerie and socks with holes stay at home.