Clinique Beauty Coaching

Last week supersweet Kim from invited me to a Clinique Beauty Coaching at the Estée Lauder Headquarters in Brussels. Kim won the Clinique Bloggers contest and along with seven of her friends and readers she (and I) got to enjoy the professional skin care and make-up advice of the Clinique coaches.

I was already a fan of the Clinique products, especially of their three-step skincare program, but I learned a lot about their other skin care and make-up products as well.

So at the beginning of last week I learned how to take good care of my skin, but at the end of that same week I went and did something really stupid. I won’t go into details, but it involved a very early morning at work, a very sleepy me and some very hot tea. Boiling hot to be exact. Somehow I thought it was a good idea to drink boiling hot water straight out of a thermos, but clearly it wasn’t. I spilled some on my mouth and chin ét voilà = second degree burns as a result. So you won’t be seeing photos of me anytime soon, let’s just hope the wounds will heal quickly.

So let’s rewind back to my visit at Clinique, when my skin was still happy and healthy, and check out the pictures of our visit to the Clinique training room, aka small piece of heaven. We indulged in rich crèmes, refreshing tonics, silky serums, glossy lipsticks and… of course… cupcakes!

pictures one, two, five and eleven ©Frank Abeloos

A big thank you to Kim, the girls from Clinique, the coaches and the other lovely ladies for the fun morning!

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