Holiday Gift Guide

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My Christmas gifts are all taken care of, although I’m still waiting on some to arrive… Let’s hope they get here in time! I think I’ve never bought so many presents as I did this year, sooo I’m hoping to see some very happy family-faces on Christmas Eve. If you aren’t feeling inspired and haven’t got a clue what to give to your brother, grandma, dad or family dog, I suggest you take a look on FredFlare or check out the gift department at Urban Outfitters. There’s some crazy funny shit being sold. The people who come up with these things seriously have the best job ever. Brainstorming about calendars of Nice Jewish guys? Sounds fun! Anyways, here are some pretty cool gift ideas for your siblings. The gift I bought my brother isn’t on the list because its waaaay too cool to show it yet – and he will probably see this before the 24th.

What are you giving your family for Christmas?

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