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Life Feed #4

It’s still every bit as busy as I told you in the last post, but I’m trying really hard to fit everything in – juggling school, work, blogging and friends/family is quite the task, but it works (with a bit of planning). Since it isn’t fun to show you guys pictures of text books, computer screens and lecture notes, here are some fun things I’ve been up to the past week:

I’ve been spending all of my free time running around the city. Besides meeting up with friends and scheduling outfit shoots with the blog buddies, I kept an eye out for potential Christmas presents and of course browsed the monthly T2 sales – it’s my obligation as their neighbour.

Last week mom and I visited Maasmechelen Village aka the Disneyland of outlet shopping. I always get a Disney-feeling wandering around, looking at the pretty little buildings. A few days before our visit, both Michael Kors and Ugg Australia opened up shop. I was curious to see what type of Ugg-boots were being sold and what the outlet price was, but we didn’t make it into the store. There was this crazy line of people waiting to get in… What the Ugg?! Ehh, I don’t do waiting, so we went to check out the Michael Kors store instead. All I can say about it is: prettyyyy! For an inside report of the Ugg Australia store, I’m redirecting you to Krizia’s post. BTW I spotted the well-known duck boots in the Tommy H. outlet and drooled a bit. Pritty.

You can’t live without food and drinks, so might as well eat and drink all the yummy stuff, right? Yesterday a friend and I went out for breakfast, champagne included. It actually arranged it as a gift for her birthday, but I enjoyed it as well so voilà, the perfect win-win situation!

I ended my weekend with a visit to the Handmade in Belgium Christmas market, a market with fun gadgets and inspiring handmade pieces. Definitely worth the visit! The only thing I bought was this girly Chihuahua-printed air freshener. For. My. Brother. It’s pink and has a doggy on it (well, sort of), what’s not to like? Only downside is that driving in his car now feels like sitting in a giant roll of chewing gum. These ones, to be exact. Always wanted your car to smell like bubble gum? Buy your own smelly Chihuahua at Lola Life Lines’s webshop.

Now tell me, what are you up to the next days? Haven’t made any plans yet for the weekend? Allow me to gently inspire you by saying: YOU HAVE TO COME TO FASHION/OFF, THE FIRST BELGIAN FASHION FILM FESTIVAL. FFFFFFFFFFF. See you there!

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