Life Feed #5

Another Life Feed – Instagram edition! I’m already addicted and instagramming EVERYTHING I come across. Unfortunately I’m stuck behind my books (and behind my glasses) at the moment, but yummy drinks and cute cookies make studying so much better!

1. My room at my mom’s house. Cute & romantic, sooo me -_-
2. New pretty pink dress that I wore for our big family dinner.
I like it – and you guys seem to like it too! It’s ON MAJOR SALE RIGHT NOW (click here),
too bad I was too quick with ordering.
3. Hi geeky me!
4. Pretty River Island-dress on the left and comfy study-wear on the right.
I’m living in sweatpants and loving ittt!

Good luck with your exams if you have them (if you don’t : LUCKY YOU!) and with the last preparations for New Years Eve. How will you spend the last night of 2011?

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