The running chronicles pt. 1: prelude

To be honest, the most exercise I’d normally get came from frantic shopping sprees and sprinting to classes because I overslept. For as long as I can remember I suffer from an aversion towards sports and exercising. During PE lessons in high school you could either find me in the locker rooms because of some lame excuse I came up with, or – if the excuse didn’t work – hiding behind a random tree so I didn’t have to participate. Yes, I am lame. And lazy. But no longer, my friends. As of today I vow to make more of an effort towards exercising and working out; running in particular.

One of the reasons why it took me so long to change my mind about running was the right gear. We all know that if you start something off well, you’re already half way, so comfortable clothing and the right pair of shoes are a must. I never really went shopping for running shoes, but I was always under the impression that those things were u.g.l.y. Boy was I wrong! I checked out PUMA’s ‘Complete Running’-collection and I was sold. I kind of wanted to put everything on and go running right then and there, which illustrates perfectly what the right clothes can do to you and your opinion. At first I loathed running but now I can’t wait for the next session! I’m guessing you are curious about what clothes and shoes have made me change my mind a total 360 degrees, so please let me introduce you to my favourite running gear by PUMA.

Graphic teeWarmup Hooded topLightweight jacketComplete running thightsComplete Velosis running shoesFAAS 500 running shoes – wanna win these? scroll down!

Are you completely inspired by this post and as enthusiastic about running as I am? Keep me on the loop about your running schedule, tips and goals. And if you’re looking for a brand new pair of running shoes I would advise you to hop right over to Miss Polienne for a chance to win a pair of bright pink Puma pretties. Good luck!

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