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Life Feed #6 – Holidays

I know, I know, it’s been a month – but IT’S NEVER TO LATE FOR HOLIDAY PICS, right? I’m currently still on an outfit hiatus (thanks to stuDYING) so here are a few impressions of how I spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with family and friends.

1. Cosy candlelights
2. I love how Antwerp turns into winter wonderland during the holidays
3. Christmas Eve’s dinner at my mom’s
4. …along with a truckload of presents
5. …and champagne, of course.

1. New Year’s Eve = Fireworks
2. New Year’s Eve = headbanging
3. New Year’s Eve = lots of C2H5OH
4. New Year’s Eve = awkward lighting

I’ll be back in full force soon, only 2 exams to go. Follow me on twitter and instagram for instant updates and pictures of books, the sky and my dinner. SO FUN. xo

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