Mr. Mailman

After three weeks of constant studying and dragging myself from bed to desk and back, I’m happy to say I’m finally taking a trip outside today! Not the best timing since my actual exams are only a few days away – OHMYGOD – but I needed some fresh air and I promise to study extra hard when I get back. Where I’m off to? Shopping, what else! I’m excited to see what the sales have ‘in store’ for me :)

Online sale shopping mostly is as good as it gets for me, at least for the time being, so I’m browsing through the internetzzz on the hunt for the perfect items. I get seduced by mail notifications from all kinds of different stores multiple times a day, and sometimes I manage to stay strong and ignore them, but sometimes I just cave in and click things right into my shopping basket. I do however feel that I’m much more contemplative in regards to what I buy and that makes me a good girl – with a relieved credit card.

Anyways, I did find myself some pretty new things online. – and I made a collage out of them!

I re-discovered the Monki online shop thanks to some great twitter-recommendations, and I was so happy I did! Their sale is really good and everything was so cheap that I had to contain myself from not getting everything. I went for a cute dress (it has hearts instead of polka dots – ooh), a peacock printed scarfs and a timeless striped sweater. Shipping to Belgium is €6 and their delivery is the best it gets. It only took 2 days for me to receive my order.

Another first-timer for me was Urban Outfitters. I’m a regular in their Antwerp store and went to check out the opening of the new Brussels store (read here), but I had never ordered online before. Until I fell in love with these lace-up glitter booties that were standing there, with an 80% discount, looking at me like two sparkly disco balls. How could I not? Shipping costs are quite expensive but lucky me, shipping to Belgium was on sale too ;) I received them yesterday after ordering them on a Friday night, so that makes a wait of 3 workdays. Not bad, Urban Outfitters, and my new shoes were worth the wait! THEY SPARKLE!!

Let’s end this sales-tale with a sad story. Never before had I ordered something on (I kind of dislike their webshop, it’s all over the place) but I had my eye on these suede green heels ever since I first saw them on someone-who-I-can’t-remember’s blog 6 months ago. Happy me when I discovered the shoes were only €24.90 and free shipping. Bargain! I ordered them around Christmas and was told to expect them before New Year’s Eve. As of today I still haven’t received them – sad face – but Nelly’s customer’s service has been helpful. We’ll see what happens next!

I’ll keep you updated on my real life shopping spree and my adjustments to outside life in a next post! In the meantime, check out this interview I did for Steve & Charlie and let me know if you liked it!

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