Doctor Decor: The Closet

With a lot of people around me moving out, buying apartments and building houses it’s hard not to catch the decoration bug (it is also hard not to feel really old – but that’s a whole other thing).
While teenage girls ponder over the perfect wedding and the dress of their dreams, I fantasized about having my own place, being able to decorate it to fit my every need. Over the years my vision of what my home should look like shifted a bit, but the keywords remain: simple and cozy, but with a rich vibe. I love unexpected bits and pieces like a giant pink leopard rug in an all-white living room, modern designer chairs next to an antique dining table, and walls decorated with beautiful artwork. And don’t even get me started on The Closet Room. If by any chance a genie gives me three wishes to grant, having the perfect wardrobe space will be one of them.

all images via Pintrest

The perfect storage space for your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories doesn’t need to cost a whole lot. IKEA (love!) has the best storage solutions, affordable for even the most studious of budgets. This way, you’ll still have plenty to spend on the actual content of the closet. Yay!

1 Komplement – 3,99€
2 Kassett– 7,99€
3 Kvarnik – 12.95€
4 Komplement– 15.00€

Pretty statement pieces that’ll spruce up any room in no time!

1 Muno – Romeo Chandelier Green – 299€
2 Muno – The Wire Yellow – 139€
3 Marie’s Corner –Anniston Sofa – 1100€
4 Muno – Deer Lamp – 119€
5 Muno – Orange Flower Lamp – 99€
6 Didden & Co – Purple Leopard Print Cowhide
7 Degand – Scented Candle – 52€

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