Shop-stop: halfway there

I know quite a few people who are going to be thrilled to read this, but I’m not one of them. For one reason or another I decided to go on a shop-stop for an entire month. Granted, my bank account is looking as skinny as Kate Moss these days and my closets are overflowing with stuff that yet needs to be worn. But resisting the urge to shop is hard yo! It wouldn’t be all that difficult if I was hiding on some sort of deserted island with no internet connection and no giant stores only a few footsteps away. But alas, I live in the middle of Antwerp, have internet connection at light speed, a credit card at my disposal and to top it all off, I have this blog! It’s very hard not to be persuaded when your mailbox gets attacked with press releases of pretty shiny things all.the.time. Oh the horror! 

Anyways, when Elise of told me about their latest project I was all ears. Stoppen met Shoppen is what it’s called, and it’s basically a pact to hold of on shopping for an entire year. A YEAR! Like a full year! My heart stopped beating for a moment there. You know a year is like 365 days, right? That’s like a long time and all. That’s like a whole lot of Fashion Weeks. A whole lot of new collections. A whole lot of sale periods! 
After coming to my senses, I genuinely thought about entering but I knew it was a disaster waiting to happen. Entering the pact would be setting myself up to fail. I can’t NOT shop for an entire year. Hell, I don’t even want to! Shopping is one of my favourite things to do, not because of the actual buying but more because of the combining, coming up with new looks, playing with different garments, trends and colours (or at least I tell myself it is). 

After a little talk with both the devil and the angel on my shoulders, we concluded on the following: twelve months of not shopping is way more than I bargained for, but one month should work, right? I should be able to restrain myself from buying new and unneeded things for 30 days. My best friend S. came up with the same idea around the same time, so we teamed up and vowed to help each other through difficult times. 
Et voilà, here we are, two weeks in and all is well. No sign of relapse, only minor symptoms of withdrawal (checking numerous times a day) and only two more weeks to go. Uhhhm, are we there yet?
Can I count on your support? And how do you feel about holding off shopping for an entire year?

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