Thoughts on Tattoos

I recently uploaded the picture below onto my Instagram and Facebook, together with a semi-mysterious caption, and decided to sit back and let social media do what it does best: cause hysteria. Well, maybe not hysteria per se, but word of my new ink got around pretty quickly. In no less than 3 minutes after posting the pic, I got several text messages from relatives, some of them praising my new tat, some of them freaking out about it (hi mom). My instagram following all seemed to like my new arm candy (26 likes to be exact) and before removing the pic from my Facebook account after 10 minutes, I collected 14 likes and a whole lot of comments.
Tattoos; either you hate them or you love them, fact is that they’re all the rage these days. But is ‘popular’ enough to make you want to “scar yourself for life”? Of course not! I love tattoos but I also strongly believe in taking the time to contemplate both the meaning and consequence of getting permanently inked. I know I did when I got my first two tattoos about two years ago, and I can honestly say I don’t regret a thing about them. They have meaning, memories and are just me
That being said, sometimes I feel like getting another tattoo done. Something bigger, more colourful. A few things are holding me back, so I don’t go for it just yet. That’s when I discovered online shop Fake Tattoos. Remember the stick-on tattoos you’d get with a package of crisps? These are just like them, but come in way cooler designs. I love scripts and words, so I immediately wanted to try the ‘Forever Young’ tattoo. It works just like a regular sticky tattoo, but this one lasts much longer. I took four showers and the script was still perfectly intact. The tattoo lasts up to 10 days, although I imagine it stays on even longer – all you have to do is don’t wash yourself!

As far as my little experiment goes, I won’t be ending up with a permanent reminder of my youthon my upper arm. I like the design and font of the tattoo, but the saying is a tad bit cliché for my taste. I can already imagine myself as an 80-year old grandma, lifting up the saggy skin of my upper arm and seeing a washed out remembrance of 60 years ago underneath all the wrinkles. Although I do really like the thought of tattoos as a reminder of previous times, the risk of having the annoying 80’s song by Alphaville stuck in my head for the rest of my life is just TOO BIG.
Contemplating a permanent tattoo but not sure if it’s what you’re looking for? Or are you just in the mood to toughen up your next rock festival-look? Order your favourite tattoo design on Fake Tattoos and try it out! And please do let me know your opinion on permanent tattoos in the comment section below – I would love to hear your views on the matter.

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