Dogs and.. uhm.. leopard?

All things Walt Disney taught us about dogs are true. Yes, they are the cutest thing ever, especially when they’re still puppies (102 Dalmatians). Yes, they befriend virtually all living creatures that cross their paths (The Fox and The Hound). Yes, they become man’s friend for life (Old Yeller). Yes, everyone stares, squeals and inevitably falls in love with them (Air Bud). And yes, I’m pretty sure they can do wonders for your love life too (101 Dalmatians). The appearance of another doggy on this blog was long overdue, but here he finally is: Jules, the cutest boy I know. He’s a five-month old English bulldog, and a lucky one at that, for he has the best owner a doggy could wish for (and me as his godmother – yeah we aren’t weird dog people at all..).

Jeans – River Island
Shirt – Comma
Boots – Topshop
Bag – Aldo

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